Gourmet tour of Croix Rousse : Lyon's silk district

A beautiful stroll off the beaten tracks
3 hours Food tour

A beautiful stroll off the beaten tracks

Walk through the local charming farmers market

High-quality food tastings

Starting and Ending point : Jacquard Statue, Place de la Croix-Rousse


Price per person

-          The service of a professional guide
-          All entry tickets and tastings mentioned in the program

Does not include:
-          Any additional tastings

Tuesdays / Fridays 
Lasts 3h : 10h- 13h
From April to Novembre 

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The Program

Discover the treasures of the lyonnaise gastronomy while strolling in the charming silk district of Lyon. We guaranty a convivial and gourmet tour in this charming and colourful district, the heart of the silk history!

Cheese, charcuterie, chocolate and wine, it’s like a dream, right? That is what we offer you to discover on this historic and gourmet tour. We garantee you it will be a delight for your taste buds! 

Meet with your local epicurean guide on top of the Croix-Rousse hill, bring your appetite and let your guide take care of the rest. First, we will start by taking a moment to fully appreciate the unique atmosphere of this district like a village in the city.This tour, both historic and gourmet will give you the best vision of the city you can have. Discover the city on unbeaten tracks and far from the touristy places and taste the best local specialties.
Start by visiting the chocolate shop of one of the most famous lyonnaise chocolate/pastry chef. The chocolate makers will share their creations and technics with you. Chocolate will no longer have secrets for you! As your discovery of the neighborhood continues you will learn about the history of the silk industry in Lyon while tasting the iconic praline brioche... A tour of Lyon would not be complete without cheese and charcuterie! Thanks to tow iconic places you will discover and taste the best of it. Your guide will then take you through the beautiful fresh farmers market and tell you about the reasons why Lyon is considered as the World's Capital of Gastronomy.
Finally, to finish on a sweet, as we french people say, you will try a very traditionnal sweet. This tour is a perfect for a complete discovery of this authentic district that will delight the gourmet who lives in you!